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    Welcome to Wanapix, your personalization site!

    Wanapix makes the difference by the type of customization it offers. The personalized products are perfect, whether to decorate your home, as garments and very important: as gifts. Whether for you, for mom, for dad, for friends, parties and special celebrations, at Wanapix you will find gifts to satisfy everyone's delights.
    Wanapix knows there is nothing better than receiving a product designed and created especially for us.


    Your discount

    Up to 15% off everything except sweatshirts, masks and cases, PrinTiles, bodys, key chains, jewelry and tree balls.

    To access this benefit, you must show your ISIC card at the benefit location as proof of your academic status before you make your purchase.

    Valid Cards

    • ISIC
    • ITIC
    • IYTC